“Water is the driver of nature.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
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Nelsen Commercial Reverse Osmosis SystemsNelsen Commercial NRO-6440-10000

The NRO Commercial Series of Reverse Osmosis Systems are custom built by Nelsen Corporation to your specifications. These commercial systems of unmatched value in quality and price give you a multitude of standard features that are optional on most other ROs! 

NSF-grade high quality parts are used to build this tough system. All Nelsen NRO Commercial Systems are wet tested  to optimum pressure and production prior to shipment, and are delivered with individual quality assurance reports to show actual performance data on outputs and rejections.

The NRO 440 Series is designed for Commercial or Light Industrial applications requiring flow rates of 0.17-6.9 gallons per minute (GPM). The NRO 440 Series features the durability of a powder coated steel frame, a complete performance monitoring package, and simple system integration.

Let Nelsen help with your most demanding water treatment applications.  Call us toll free at 1-800-362-9686 or e-mail your Nelsen representative, today 

Nelsen Commercial SystemsFleck 2900 Triplex System

The relationship between the professional dealer and supplier is built on quality products, value and dependable service. Nelsen Corporation has been the professional dealer’s “Same Day” source since 1954. Nelsen’s commitment to the water treatment and water well industries has earned us the reputation as a market leader and one of the top OEM’s of water treatment equipment.

Nelsen Corporation’s high quality commercial and light industrial water treatment equipment is designed for a wide variety of applications. Proven uses include apartment complexes, hospitals, factories, nursing homes and numerous other applications requiring high flow rates and capabilities. 

Our full-line catalog includes completed commercial systems and components from manufacturers like Fleck, Osmonics, Purolite, Clack and others. But what truly sets Nelsen apart is our legendary customer service.

Nelsen can help with your most demanding water treatment applications.  Call us toll free at 1-800-362-9686 or e-mail your Nelsen representative, today 

Nelsen Engineered Systems

Nelsen Engineered Systems exists to provide professional services related to planning, management and development of water systems at the highest level of technical excellence that is professional, ethical and profitable.

Whether your project is a low or high-rise office building, a shopping mall, hospital, hotel, college lab, casino.....Nelsen Engineered Systems can provide equipment for top or side mount softeners and filters, diaphragm valve nests, or hi-purity equipment for the most demanding of water system application requirements.

Nelsen Engineered Systems can assist you with job specifications, submittals, sales and engineering drawings, and sizing of the equipment. We can manufacture to unique specifications or use our in house engineering and CAD capabilities to develop a design that meets your specific requirements. With our dedication, you can be assured that Nelsen Engineered Systems will provide you with the support you deserve.

Let Rick Garrett show you how Nelsen Engineered Systems can provide you with the information and services you need to get the job done, and done right in a timely fashion. You can contact Rick at rgarrett@nelsencorp.com or by phone at 800-362-9686.


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