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Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions AIO Systems

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Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions AIO Systems

Control Flow Technology

The Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions AIO® features a unique patented process. Most systems purge the air pocket in the tank violently during the regeneration process potentially damaging plumbing and creating an excessive amount of noise. Our patented-process slowly releases the air pocket during regeneration before replenishing the tank with a fresh pocket of air. Additionally, our system will delay the regeneration process and air release if water is being used in the home or business. Once water flow stops, the regeneration process begins slowly releasing the air from the system. On some competitive systems, water use will prevent the release of air due to the internal design limitations of the control valve or violently release the air once water flow stops. Professional Water Treatment Dealers can now offer the important advantages of the Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions AIO with Control Flow Technology to their customers.  

The systems include a by-pass valve, Structural mineral tank, and all necessary media and support bed for individual application. 

Ozone Generation options for the NWTS AIO Systems can be found here!

Shown with optional neoprene tank jacket.

Residential Filtration/Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions AIO Systems 
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Supplier Part #: MEDIA-14-KAT
Supplier: Nelsen Corporation

AIO Katalox Media, 14x65 Tank


Supplier Part #: MEDIA-14-S
Supplier: Nelsen Corporation

AIO Sulfer Media, 14x65 Tank