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AIO-CFM-NWTS-C14-S-UPS, NWTS Control Flow AIO 14"x65" Sulfur Sys, AIO-CF-NWTS-C14-S-UPS

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C-Series 1" PVC M Adap Ells (2)
C-Series John Guest Adapter, 1"
WS1 Shark Bite Fitting, 1"
C-Series Brass Sweat Adap (2)
C-Series Long Elbow
C-Series John Guest Elbow Adapter, 3/4
WS1 Shark Bite Fitting, 3/4"
C-Series PVC Elbow Adap, 3/4x1 (2)
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Product Info

Supplier: Nelsen Corporation
Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions AIO Sulfur Reduction System with Control Flow Technology includes 10" x 44" black polyglass mineral tank, base media, 3-1/2 cubic feet of sulfur media and bypass valve.

Choose plumbing adapters separately.

Packaged for parcel truck delivery.

Item Specifications

  • UPS Shippable
  • 14x65
  • 233.77 lbs per EA

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