RETENTION TANK-1047-SS, Retention Tank, 10 x 47 Single Shaft,


Product Info

Supplier: Nelsen Corporation
A unique system with 2 built in mixing chambers and a swirl chamber that reduce a drop of water to hundreds of micro bubbles allowing the chemical to mix and react 5 times faster than a standard retention tank. This concept allows for the overall size of the system to be reduced substantially.

The 10" system should only be used with Hydrogen Peroxide or Ozone.

The system is constructed of all polyglass, noryl®, and PVC materials. It is pre-plumbed, 1" throughout and has 3/4" drain for blow-down. Should there ever be a need for gas-off, a tapped port is built in and capped off. 5 year warranty.

Item Specifications

  • Retention Tanks
  • 24.75 lbs per EA

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