The VESTA Water SolutionsĀ® mark is more than simply our logo. It visually represents our values, image attributes, products, and services.

Consistent management and representation of our brand translate into long-term value. Visually, the VESTA Water Solutions image is represented by our logo, color palette, typefaces, and product appearance, as explained in this guide. These standards provide clarity and direction for consistent replication of the key elements of the VESTA Water Solutions brand.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the VESTA Water Solutions identity that are not addressed in this document, please get in touch with Nelsen Corporation at
(330) 745-6000.

Thank you for helping protect the VESTA Water Solutions brand identity. Used with responsibility and pride, our brand will gain well-deserved credibility, representing the value of our products.

Nelsen Corporation reserves the right to update the Brand Standards Guide.