“Water is the driver of nature.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
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After serving the professional water treatment dealer for 60 years, it might surprise you that we haven’t grown gills! With over 4,000 products and 200 vendors, thousands of satisfied Dealers worldwide count on Nelsen for their home and commercial water treatment needs. Combine that with legendary customer service and same day shipping, and you’ll find we know more about water than your average fish – even if we don’t have gills. Let Nelsen become the essential element of your success.

Frankly, working with anyone else would be like working with a fish out of water.

60th Anniversary

In honor of our 60th year, customers of Nelsen Corporation have the opportunity to win a New Ford F150 Pickup!

Dealers can Earn Entries with Every Order...
• Orders with a $500 minimum order in merchandise purchased receive one (1) chance for each $500 in purchases (freight and tax excluded from total.)
• Orders with purchases of Nelsen Signature Products will receive two (2) entries for each $500 invoiced.

Nelsen Signature Products inclusive of...
Nelsen AIO
NSPS (Scale Prevention)
Arsenic Systems
Terminator Systems
Commercial NRO Systems
• Nelsen Filtration Cartridge Systems

Official sweepstakes rules are here.

Celebrating 60 Years of Service to the Professional Dealer!


Nelsen Corporation
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