At Nelsen Corporation, we realize that when it comes to satisfying our customers, there is only one thing more important than quality products - the quality of our people.  Nelsen Corporation has the best sales team assembled in the industry. 

Our team, each averaging over 20 years experience in the water treatment business, and collectively over 450 years, has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in sizing and treating the most demanding of problem water.  

Ohio Office

Mark McCue
National Sales Manager
(330) 571-0136

Rick Deems
Central Regional Sales Manager
(330) 603-4539

Randy Stafford
Account Manager
(800) 362-9686 x171

Jeff Dean
Account Manager
(800) 362-9686 x167

Louis Damsa
Account Manager
(800) 362-9686 x164

Chris Ilg
Account Manager
(800) 362-9686 x162

Rusty Robeson
Account Manager
(800) 362-9686 x114

Rolly North
Account Manager
(800) 362-9686 x170

Scott Renshaw
Account Manager
(800) 362-9686 x166

Bill VonStein
Account Manager
(800) 362-9686 x160

Arizona Office

Jeff Smith
Southwestern Regional Sales Manager
(623) 224-1179

Norm Robinson
Arizona Branch Manager
(866) 445-4299 x261

Charlie Jenkins
Account Manager
(866) 445-4299 x262

Tracy Lavenant
Account Manager
(866) 445-4299 x260

Texas Office

Brent Heilig
Southcentral Regional Sales Manager (330) 808-8417

Danny Andreas
Account Manager
(855) 674-0357 x461

Terry Veldboom
Account Manager
(855) 674-0357 x463

Florida Office

John Ireland
Southeastern Regional Sales Manager(866) 712-6796 x863

Jeff Gassaway
Florida Branch Manager
(866) 712-6796 x861

Debbie Farrar
Account Manager
(866) 712-6796 x862

Troy Shaw
Account Manager
(866) 712-6796 x863