1. Lists username, currently associated customer code, and ERP customer name.

  2. Users can search by Order Number, Invoice Number, or PO Number to find existing orders, regardless of whether they were placed via the website. This applies to all orders placed by the user's associated Customer Code.

  3. Recent Web Orders are based on the individual user, rather than the full customer code. These orders were placed via the website by the current user.

  4. Recent Company Orders are based on the ERP customer code. This box lists orders placed via the website or via your ERP system directly. The user can click any order number to find order details.

  5. Shopping Tools allows you to set favorites lists, select frequently ordered items, create order templates and a host of other tools to aid in placing orders.

  6. View all available account activities. The options here will vary per user, based on the user's permissions and the site's enabled options.