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DROP Connect Water Management System

DROP is a unique water management system. Using the DROP Hub, DROP monitors water usage and manages the water-related devices throughout the entire home. DROP can operate locally without an internet connection or has the added ability to send mobile alerts using the homeowner’s WiFi network. This advanced system can shut off water flow to the entire home automatically when it senses a risk and allows the homeowner to make decisions on the course of action after the risk has been mitigated—all from a mobile device.

Eliminate Water System Worries 24/7

The whole home water system is essential to your homeowner's well being. So, when problems arise, it’s cause for alarm. From poor tasting water to high utility bills to catastrophic flooding, why not head all water system worries off at the pass? DROP puts effortless residential water system control in the palm of the hand so the homeowner can relax and enjoy their home’s water system the way it was meant to be.

DROP Systems